Stoneware Classroom Management Enables School BYOD

Schools across the country have been allowing mobile devices into the classrooms to assist in the educational process. Stoneware, a provider of Unified Cloud computing, announced the launch of its first "on-demand" Classroom Management solution. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs in school will be available, due to launch of this new solution.

Instead of schools purchasing mobile devices, BYOD initiatives can save organizations significant amounts of money in hardware, but without administrative rights to computers. The "on-demand" LanSchool agent is included as part of the LanSchool software download. The latest version of the program can be downloaded for free, as long as you are an existing customer with a current maintenance agreement.

Any customer under a current license agreement can receive a free upgrade to webNetwork 6.1. Corporate pricing begins at $50 per named user, while LanSchool educational pricing starts at $599 per classroom. Stoneware provides private cloud, public cloud and local device resources through a common web desktop with a single password.

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