SPARC Launches BYOD Alternative for MSPs

Charleston, S.C.-based software development firm SPARC (no relation to the Sun Microsystems / Oracle platform), has released Knappsack, a mobile application management (MAM) platform, which is both an open source application development project platform and paid service for IT managers.  Knappsack is designed to make it easier for organizations to manage and distribute mobile applications across multiple devices. Here are the details.

As more companies move towards a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, distributing mobile applications can become complex. Knappsack provides technology to manage distributing applications across multiple devices. Knappsack as a paid service provides a turnkey solution to organizations that need to deploy digital content to multiple devices and desktops, such as iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, and more. SPARC charges $20 per month for a standard account.

How IT managers can benefit from Knappsack
Knappsack enables IT managers to securely deploy digital assets, including both mobile and desktop applications. The platform ensures that the latest versions of the applications are always available to anyone using the system by allowing IT managers to download updates. The following features are available to IT managers:

  • Upload apps to secure groups
  • Manage all your company's apps
  • Deploy apps to any device
  • Control app versions
How developers can benefit from Knappsack
For developers SPARC made Knappsack available as an open source project on GitHub -- a distributed version control system for the collaborative development of software. By releasing Knappsack as an open source project on Github, developers will be able to freely download and use the platform at their organizations, customize the tool to meet their needs, and contribute features and code back to the project. The following features are also available to developers:
  • Distribute apps securely to clients
  • Deploy apps to any device
  • Manage app builds
  • Customize open source version
SPARC provides software development services for the government, federal, and commercial sectors, and develops commercial software products for the human resources, green energy, analytics, and mobile markets.

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