Sophos Updates Mobile Control for Mobile Device Management

IT security vendor Sophos recently released Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 , the company's most recent mobile device management solution. The solution is designed to help IT administrators manage the growing BYOD trend by increasing control, while reducing intervention. That release is timely. Ninety-five percent of companies allow employee-owned devices in some shape or form on corporate networks, according to a May 2012 Cisco IBSG Horizons study.

The new version enables IT administrators to complete many common tasks with just one click. The updated solution integrates with existing IT infrastructure, giving administrators the ability to automatically assign newly-registered devices to existing groups and apply the associated policies to them. The solution's interface includes detailed graphical reports to help IT administrators manage all aspects of mobile devices.

With Sophos’ new mobile client interface, users can see a device’s compliance status and any reasons for non-compliance plus any actions the user needs to resolve the issue. IT administrators are also given the ability to remotely conduct a corporate wipe of a device to protect company data. A company can tie its corporate or compulsory apps to their MDM solution to push them to an employee device.

If a mobile device becomes non-compliant, IT will receive an alert. In response, an IT administrator can send messages to the user for minor violations. Administrators have the ability to perform orporate or full wipes on devices.

Sophos provides its threat and data loss solutions to more than 100 million users in 150 countries. For more information on the company's partner program, visit its website.

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