SmartNet Technology: Upstart MSP Seeks to Go Nationwide

SmartNet Technology: Upstart MSP Seeks to Go Nationwide

At first glance, SmartNet Technology is an upstart managed services provider that supports customers in Denver, Chicago, and North Carolina. But take a closer look and the MSP is preparing a nationwide push, according to co-founder Charlie Trench.

SmartNet caught MSPmentor's attention because the company is launching and expanding at a time when some MSPs are looking to exit the market through mergers or acquisitions. Also, some MSPs predict that major metro areas will only have room for four massive MSPs, though there should be space for smaller MSPs to find lucrative niches in vertical markets or highly specialized horizontal applications.

"We know the space is getting crowded," Trench admitted. "But we'll stand out because we are an all-inclusive provider." Some of the company's services include experienced IT engineers and a 24X7 help desk courtesy of one of the company's main partners, CharTec.

SmartNet, an eight-person business, is targeting clients with anywhere from 10 to 75 work spaces, though Trench maintains that the company is not ruling any size out. By providing the all-inclusive service, Trench is confident that the company can grow "fairly aggressively" over the next year at a national level. "The goal is to grow judiciously," he said. "The best way to work and grow and be successful is to provide spot-on service." That includes cloud coverage, as SmartNet's website boasts that the company can provide "scalable, customized, mobile and cost-effective" cloud services that include Hosted Microsoft Dynamics, Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2007, Hosted SharePoint and Web Hosting.

We'll check in with SmartNet down the road to see how the company is executing against its growth plans. The big question: Can small, upstart MSPs continue to differentiate at a time when help desk, hosted Exchange and other services are widely available from a range of solutions providers?

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