Small Business Lacks Effective Mobile Device Management

Small Business Lacks Effective Mobile Device Management

With the bring your own device (BYOD) trend on the rise, small businesses are facing substantial decisions regarding mobile devices, specifically mobile device management (MDM). Do small business owners believe that they have an effective MDM strategy? A CDW Small Business Mobility Report finds that only half of small business IT managers believe that their company has an effective strategy to manage mobile devices, which leaves a tremendous hole for managed services providers (MSPs) to fill. Here's what you need to know.

The survey reveals good news for MSPs looking for new clients. More small businesses are relying on mobile devices to gain a competitive advantage by helping them perform tasks more easily. The following provides a look at how mobile devices are viewed by workers when it comes to staying competitive.

  • 75 percent of mobile device users agree that mobile device use is critical to their jobs
  • 77 percent of professional services mobile device users agree that their company would lose competitive ground without mobile devices
  • 67 percent of mobile device users agree that their company would lose competitive ground in today's market without mobile devices
IT is working to keep up with the demand from mobile users
Mobile device users want to complete many business tasks on their devices, and IT departments are working to keep up. The following his a look at how IT is deploying mobile devices:
  • 55 percent of  smartphone and tablet users use work-related mobile apps
  • 79 percent of IT managers have deployed mobile devices
  • 55 percent of IT managers admitted to deploying tablets
Mobile device users use laptops, smartphones, and tablets for work purposes
Mobile device users reported that they use various mobile devices for work including: laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The need for these devices will place small business owners on the spot and and they will need to give in to the demands of their employees. That means they will need mobile device management. The following is a look at mobile device use among employees:
  • 65 percent that they use laptops for work
  • 81 percent report that they use smartphones for work
  • 25 percent that they use tablets for work
Could MDM be the solution?
Few IT managers reported using mobile device management, however, those who use MDM say that it gives them a better grip on mobile devices and applications. The following is what IT said about MDM:
  • 67 percent of IT managers report that they are familiar with MDM
  • 22 percent claim that they have deployed an MDM solution, are currently deploying, or plan to deploy
  • 53 percent saw improved security from MDM
Is BYOD a trend or commonplace?
We constantly say that BYOD is a trend, but could we be wrong? The report claims that BYOD is commonplace, not just a trend. IT managers say 89 percent of small business employees use their own personal mobile device for work. Do you think that BYOD is just a trend or is it mainstream?
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