Runzheimer Introduces Mobile Device Services for BYOD

Runzheimer International, which specializes in workforce mobility programs including business vehicles, business travel, corporate aircraft, employee relocation and compensation, and mobile device management, has introduced a solution for the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend: Mobile Device Services (MDS) for Personal Devices, a way for employees to use their personal devices at work without the hassle of IT managers.

The company claims Runzheimer MDS for Personal Devices is a "fresh approach" to BYOD programs, due to the minimal need of intrusive device control. The company's Fixed and Variable Reimbursement (FAVR) program, which was specifically designed for mobile devices, aims to provide employees with the freedom to choose a mobile device that meets their personal needs, as well as give a reimbursement that "fairly reflects their business costs in exchange for a commitment to comply with their organization's policy."

Runzheimer International suggests that employees can benefit from the following:

  • Freedom of choice to use a device that fits company standards;
  • Equitable reimbursement that measures the actual business use of a personal device
  • Reasonable security policies that balance employee privacy with the security needs of your business
Runzheimer International was founded in 1933, and currently serves 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, while also working with government agencies. The company also produces a Mobile Workforce Blog, which can be found here.
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