MokiMobility Launches +MDM for Single-Purpose iPad, Android Tablets

Interested in a solution that integrates mobile application settings and device management features for the iPad and Android tablets? MokiMobility has released its +MDM device management platform, letting software developers and solution providers integrate customize and remotely manage iPads and Android tablets to meet single-use needs, such as kiosks, by doing things such as locking the home button, removing unrelated applications and pushing application updates to individual or groups of devices.

MokiMobility seeks to provide APIs and web-based console to enable remote management of mobile applications and iOS and Android devices. With +MDM, users can use their devices as single-purpose devices, such as: kiosks, point-of-sale (POS), digital signage, sales tools and more. In addition, MobiMobility's platform can service customers with as few as two devices up to tens of thousands.

For instance, if you go to the Gap or BMW or an Inter-Continental, it's likely you'll see single purpose iPads functioning as kiosks. Armor Active makes the enclosures for these tablets  to turn them into kiosks in commercial and public settings. And now the company has released the new ActiveKiosk iOS kiosk solution using +MDM to enable remote management of both the iPad kiosk app and the iPad itself. +MDM unlocks the ability for ActiveKiosk customers to disable the home button, remove iPad apps that aren't relevant and push WiFi settings and app updates directly to the iPad remotely. Customers can also remotely update the kiosk app settings, including the home page URL, auto-wake schedule and browsing time limits, applying these settings to individual or groups of kiosks.

Scott Paul, CEO of Armor Active said this about the MokiMobility solution:

“We conducted extensive research to find a solution that would allow us to manage and customize these iPad kiosks from any location – and MokiMobility’s +MDM was the only management solution that fit our deployment model and offered us the flexibility to bake in device management features with our remote kiosk app management solution. With +MDM, we’re able to give our customers the ability to interact with individual kiosks in remote stores or upgrade every kiosk across every location at the same time, all from the cloud. It has made the difference between a successful and failed deployment for many of our customers.”


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