Mobility, Cloud Services Seen as Game Changers, Survey Says

Mobility, Cloud Services Seen as Game Changers, Survey Says

rsz_challengesaheadMobile devices and cloud services have the potential of becoming game changers in today's businesses, making managed services an easier sell, a new survey has revealed. Many IT managers are struggling to keep pace with mobility demands, affecting the outcome of workplace productivity and requirements. Cloud-based IT services and applications have also grabbed the attention of these businesses, as they search for viable solutions. Here's the scoop.

Infrastructure provider CommScope surveyed 1,100 IT professionals from 63 nations for its tri-annual CommScope Global Enterprise Survey. Approximately 75 percent of respondents confirmed they already are deploying some cloud-based applications, while 44 percent expect cloud services to grow, revealing a possible need for cloud support. Another 52 percent reported that they believe more than half of their applications will reside off-site in the cloud by 2017.

According to the survey, employees are using mobile phones to make a good chunk of their phone calls. On average, 43 percent of all phone calls originating within a facility involves a mobile phone. Respondents revealed that they view mobile technology as a game changer (44 percent). Around 33 percent reported having a distributed antenna system (DAS) deployed on site to support indoor wireless traffic, an issue for some businesses. More than 75 percent of respondents admitted to having employees roam around the office, or even go outside, to get an adequate signal for a call.

"The pace of mobility adoption by consumers—and thus the workforce and company visitors—has outrun the infrastructure and practices in place within enterprise facilities to support it," said CommScope Enterprise Solutions Senior Vice President Kevin St. Cyr. "This also factors heavily into the uptick in a majority of survey respondents confirming deployment of cloud-based applications."

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Infrastructure intelligence -- One in three of respondents said that they viewed infrastructure intelligence as a game changer. What's the key driver? Productivity.
  • Green, reliable power -- 25 percent of those surveyed believe green initiatives will be a game changer over the next five years.
The survey is conducted every three years, and respondents represent a wide variety of industry sectors.
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