Mobile Device Management 2013: Can You Trust Forecasts?

With 2013 around the corner we all can expect an array of vendors, managed services providers (MSPs), and analysts to proffer  you and MSPmentor and other blogs and publications with predictions for the mobile device management (MDM) market in 2013. While these timely pundits may hope to gain attention for their predictions, we're staying on the cautious side.

And here's a prediction from MSPmentor: mobile device management will be just as big, if not bigger, in 2013. Get ready for growth. That being said, take a look at the following tips to help you separate the smart predictions from the rest.

  • Do your research -- One vendor may report one trend, but another may report the exact opposite. What gives? Take the time to understand their platforms. Why would one vendor make this prediction, instead of predicting the opposite? Be a detective, and look for a motive.
  • Look for the numbers -- Is a vendor making claim without providing numbers to support it? Always look for evidence that can support the vendor's prediction. Make sure that the numbers add up.
  • Follow MSPmentor -- Too worried about other sources throwing you under the bus? Follow us. The VAR Guy will not force any predictions upon you, but will allow you to review the claims on your own. The VAR Guy will not run the predictions. Instead he’ll link his site to your prediction — that is, your blog — whenever reasonably possible.
Did you blog a prediction for 2013? Send a link to joe.panettieri [at] Perhaps The VAR Guy will add your thoughts to our ongoing series on 2013 predictions and forecasts. Or feel free to post your prediction as a comment below.
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