Memo to MSPs: Apple Earnings Scream Mobile Device Management

Memo to MSPs: Apple Earnings Scream Mobile Device Management

Apple delivered insanely great quarterly results today. Take a closer look at the latest Apple and Google earnings, and you'll see just how big the mobile device management (MDM) opportunity could be for MSPs that master Apple iOS and Google Android.

In its most recent quarter, Apple sold 37.04 million iPhones -- up a 128 percent from the same quarter last year. Plus, iPad sales rose 111 percent to 15.43 million units. Stunning.

Google Android and MDM

Meanwhile, during Google's earnings call last week the company shared some stunning figures for Android. Google claims 700,000 Android-based phones come online every day. More than 250 million Android devices are now in use, up 50 million since Google shared Android stats in November 2011. The biggest stat of all: Google says customers have downloaded more than 11 billion apps from Android markets.

For managed services providers, the Google (Android) and Apple (iOS, iPad, iPhone) numbers offer a staggering reminder that mobile device management ranks among the top IT opportunities for 2012.

Many managed services software providers are responding with MDM software. Kaseya was among the first IT automation platform providers to offer MDM for Android and iOS, but most of the major RMM (remote monitoring and management) software providers say MDM is a huge priority for 2012.

Elsewhere, dozens of pure-play MDM software companies have emerged. But many of those MDM software companies and cloud companies have little or no experience working with MSPs.

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