IT Departments Not Prepared to Manage BYOD Trend

IT professionals are "trying to build the boat while sailing it," when it comes to learning about the implications of BYOD on their corporate networks, and they cite concerns about  security, IT support challenges, data protection issues, compliance risk and other factors. That's according to a new survey conducted by SolarWinds and Network World.

SolarWinds and Network World surveyed 400 IT professionals about how they are dealing with the BYOD trend.  With the influx of new devices on the corporate network, here's what IT pros are saying:

  • 44 percent of respondents said they've seen an increase in help desk requests.
  • Over 40 percent said they've experienced an increase in network traffic.
  • Over 65 percent said they don't have the necessary tools in place to manage non-company-issued mobile devices on the network.
  • Over 27 percent said they are not at all confident.
How are you handling BYOD? What policies have you suggested and why?
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