iPhone 5 and iOS 6: Centrify Pledges MDM Support

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions provider Centrify announced that its DirectControl for Mobile and Express for Mobile offerings now support the recently released Apple iOS 6 operating system for iPhone and iPad. According to the company, the solution maximizes security and visibility through centralized management and reporting, which will enable IT administrators to effectively adapt to large populations of Apple devices.

The solution provides administrators with the ability to lock or remotely wipe devices to secure access to email networks and enforces the use of passcodes. In addition, the Centrify solution allows administrators to assign devices to users and manage the associated properties and settings for each user's device.

On Friday, MSPmentor reported several vendors' MDM support for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Here is our updated list of vendors that have announced support for Apple’s new OS and phone:

  • ManageEngine's Desktop Central platform is gaining a mobile device management (MDM) enhancement for Apple iOS 6 (at launch) and Google Android (shortly after launch).
Earlier this week and last week we offered details of the following vendors who had already announced support.
  • IBM Endpoint Manager announced same-day support last Wednesday for the new Apple iOS6 release. New additions to solution includes the ability to configure a profile to automatically be removed at a specified date, disable passbook while device is locked, disable game center, and lock the device to a single application.
  • AirWatch announced same-day support for iPads and iPhones running iOS 6 last week. The company’s update enables IT managers to disable the home button, iMessage, Game Center and iBookstore, or lock-down devices to using just one app. In addition, the update provides administrators with the ability to force all network traffic via a global HTTP proxy and to control user profiles.
  • Amtel recently released its latest MDM platform to assist customers with mass deployment at enterprises managing both corporate-owned and user-owned devices. The company’s solution was held until the release of iOS 6 to assist MSPs with managing a sudden influx of new devices.
  • BoxTone appears to be among the first MDM companies to announce support iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The company has also designed a partner program for MSPs to assist customers with BYOD.
  • Fiberlink offered its MaaS360 customers instant access to new features to support the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 a few days ago. The company says that its solution is different from other MDM solutions primarily due to the fact that other companies require their customers to plan maintenance outage windows and manually update servers.
  • SOTI Inc. recently offered support for Apple’s new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices for its MobiControl solution. MobiControl enables organizations to manage iPhone 5 and iOS 6 devices, application deployments and device usage based on pre-defined enterprise policies.
Let us know in the comments if there are any vendors we missed on this list who have already announced support for iPhone 5. Stay tuned to MSPmentor for more coverage of iPhone 5, MDM vendors that support it and how it will impact businesses.
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