IBM Introduces Foundation for Mobile Computing

With mobile environments on the rise, organizations are frequently looking for ways to capitalize on the ever changing technology. Fortunately, a solution has been developed by a well-known technology giant. IBM (NYSE:IBM)'s Mobile Foundation, an available answer to the problem, includes a comprehensive portfolio of software and services designed to help organizations capitalize on the proliferation of mobile environments. Which mobile environments in particular? Laptops, smartphones and tablets are all covered by the foundation.

As mobile computing continues, the demand for cloud services increases. In response, IBM developed its WebSphere Cast Iron service, which further emphasizes IBM's dedication to the mobile genre. With IBM's WebSphere Cast Iron service, clients will be able to easily connect mobile applications to a variety of Cloud and back-end systems.

In addition to cloud services assistance, IBM has also made an effort to help organizations manage the Bring Your Own Device or “BYOD” trend, which is provided by IBM Endpoint Manager, a program that delivers a single solution that effectively manages and secures all endpoints. Again, the mobile environment for this software includes laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The following points are included in IBM's strategy to further expand IBM's strategy to provide clients with a mobile platform that spans application development, integration, security and management:

  • Build and connect mobile applications.
  • Extend existing capabilities.
  • Capitalize on new business opportunities.
Will your organization take advantage of this foundation? Why or why not?
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