Gartner: Enterprises Will Monetize Information Assets By Trading

Where will the financial demands of storing and managing big data lead our industry in upcoming years? According to Gartner (NYSE: IT), 30 percent of businesses will directly or indirectly monetize their information assets by trading, bartering, or outright selling them by 2016. While many managed services providers are discussing mobile device management strategies for analysis and implementation this year, others will focus on the lack of expertise in handling big data and developing information products. Here are the details.

Gartner's latest study revealed that many enterprises are starting to appreciate the real market value of their harvested information assets within their own industries or beyond. Many MSPs may frown upon the lack of expertise in handling big data and developing information products, however, others will look for the opportunity for the growth of specialist intermediaries, a void MSPs could fill.

Many businesses are not equipped to handle information-based products -- just like many are not able to grip the concept MDM. Information resellers will arise out of the need for this outside service. Gartner predicts that information product managers will lead these efforts internally.

As we all know, information is power, and this also applies to the bring your own device struggle between employers and employees -- MSPs take note. Gartner Research Vice President Doug Laney explained, "Consumers and businesses must recognize that their personal usage, location, profile and activity data has a tangible market value. They should guard it and ensure that when they do share it they receive ample services, products or cash for it."

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