Fixmo Partners for Defense-Grade Mobile Device Management

Open Kernel Labs, a company that develops mobile virtualization software for mobile and connected devices, and Fixmo, a mobile risk management (MRM) company have partnered to produce the first end-to-end Defense-Grade Mobile Platform, which is geared toward organizations with the highest levels of integrity assurance, data security and policy compliance.

Through the use of Open Kernel's High Assurance Framework (HAF) and Fixmo's mobile risk management platform, users are provided with a complete virtualized operating environment for mobile devices with fully integrated services for policy management, device integrity, application containment, and information assurance. Control mechanism for policy and capability assignment are integrated with this software through these solutions:

  • Fixmo SafeZone secure workspace and enterprise server;
  • Enterprise App Store, which distributes commercial and custom applications to managed mobile devices within an organization's IT environment;
  • Monitoring through Fixmo Sentinel.
More information about partnering with Fixmo is available here.
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