End of the World: Is Your MDM Plan Ready?

End of the World: Is Your MDM Plan Ready?

With the end of the world near (or so they say), some of us are preparing for the worst, while others are ignoring the claim. Either way, this may be a good time to test your preparedness for potential disasters in the future. How will you adjust your mobile device management (MDM) strategies for an emergency? Here's an idea: Treat this prediction as another natural disaster, and you'll be on your way to being able to handle anything that crosses your path.

We learned a lot from experiencing Hurricane Sandy. Most importantly, we learned about being prepared. The following tips are what we learned from Hurricane Sandy, and will help you prepare for any natural disasters in the future:

    • Have a disaster recovery plan in place -- As Hurricane Sandy moved up the East Coast, managed services providers (MSPs) were busy checking in with customers who put disaster recovery plans in place. Do your customers have disaster recovery plans in place? How about you? To save yourself from dealing with extra stresses, work with your customers before a disaster to find out how you can help their needs.
    • Create an emergency checklist -- Be sure to fill you gas tank, develop a family communications plan, and purchase plenty of water. Disaster recovery expert Mike Semel, president and chief compliance officer at Semel Consulting, offered some great advice on preparing an emergency checklist, which can be found here,
    • Plan how you'll stay connected -- When you're disconnected from broadband service and wireless data service, how can you keep up with the world? Seek out potential mobile offices beforehand. Map out "hot spots" in your area to quickly find access to the Internet, when you need it the most.
More than likely, the world will still be turning this weekend, but take this opportunity to plan for the worst. Act as though a hurricane or flood will be hitting your community on Friday and go through the necessary steps to prepare. On the other hand, if the world does end on Friday, you'll have nothing to worry about.
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