Druva Introduces End-User Data Protection for Mobile Devices

Druva, a company that provides automated enterprise endpoint solutions to assist in protecting corporate data, announced new mobile-data protection capabilities. inSync enables IT to focus on the needs of the enterprise user with a single point of control across all endpoint devices. With Druva's new model, critical data is shifted back toward IT.

The following mobile device features are now included in inSync's endpoint data protection and availability solutions for laptops:

  • Mobile-Data Backup-- Customers will now have a mobile-data solution that backs up data from all their devices uniformly. Management and storage of data is simplified by enabling IT to select backup either to an on-premises server or to the cloud.
  • Multi-Device Access-- inSync now provides users with the ability to instantly access and view data from all of their devices on each of those devices, from a single desktop interface or a single web interface.
  • Mobile Data-Loss Prevention-- Instant alerts notify the inSync administrator to protect unauthorized access to the data.
According to Druva, these recent changes were made with IT departments in mind. Separate devices requiring separate user profiles cause difficulties for IT departments, however, the updated inSync changes relieve some of these difficulties. In addition, inSync's on-premises solution scales up to 100,000 devices in an on-premises configuration, which allows management from a single console.
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