D&H Distributing Offers Mobile Device Management Service

With the bring your own device (BYOD) trend on the rise, mobile device management (MDM) companies are not the only ones profiting. D&H Distributing, a computer products and consumer electronics distributor, is aiding its resellers by offering two MDM solutions: Microsoft System Center, and Sophos Mobile Control.

According to a recent Gartner report, 80 percent of organizations will utilize tablets by 2013. These tablets will be more than likely devices employees brought from home, due to devices becoming more sophisticated. To help more resellers capitalize on mobility, D&H has decided to offer solutions that address these crucial issues.

Here are some more details on the two solutions available through D&H, straight from the company's statement:

Microsoft System Center provides configuration management, delivering software and updates to employees' mobile devices. Software is loaded on company servers, and is used to manage client machines, including user access and security management, and software update distribution. The solution includes an "Identity and Access Management" feature, which integrates with Sophos' Mobile Control software. This tool authenticates and coordinates access to the network from each mobile device.

Sophos Mobile Control extends light-weight security and device control to the mobile user. This software is located on the corporate server, with an agent loaded on each employee's mobile device, acting as a protected gateway to the network. Via a portal interface, the employee or a system administrator can return a lost device to its factory defaults or "brick" the device, wherein all applications and functions are disabled.
Both Mobile Control and System Center 2012 are available through a licensing agreement.
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