BYOD or COPE: Mobility Concerns Rise in Canada

BYOD or COPE: Mobility Concerns Rise in Canada

rsz_mobiledevicesManaged services providers (MSPs) calculating the differences between bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) models need to be cautious -- analyze the data, before coming to a conclusion. A recent CDW Canada survey revealed a growing need for mobility management solutions, resulting in the company's endorsement of the BYOD model. While many of us may see a stronger case for BYOD, we must not leave out the potential opportunity for COPE, especially when the data may not support either model directly. Here's why.

The report revealed that 44 percent of employees in Canada work remotely one to two times per week, a statistic that more than likely does not make an argument for one model over the other. The only mention of personal devices is from the 77 percent of respondents who access corporate e-mail and documents from their personal devices, but these devices could easily be eliminated with a COPE model.

Does an increase of mobility concern support BYOD?

The survey examined top IT priorities of Canadian businesses for 2013. Not surprisingly, 47 percent of organizations indicated mobility management solutions. Is this positivie news for managed services providers (MSPs)? Of course it is, but it does not necessarily endorse a specific management model. The data simply assists MSPs with talking points for selling management services.

Other top security concerns included: securing corporate data (42 percent); managing devices and applications (24 percent); maintaining network performance (12 percent); and an increased need for IT resources, support and training (7 percent).

Where does your customer find value?

In a previous article, Xchanging Sourcing Solutions Senior Director Brian Rapp argued that MSPs should adopt the COPE model, providing research to support his stance. He concluded that: "If organizations are considering BYOD, they need to be considering COPE."

He's right, isn't he? What does your customer value? Is security more important or employee freedom? These are questions that need answering before implementing a management model. We can all agree on the need for mobility management, but management doesn't need to be a one-size-fits-all approach. BYOD may work for some customers, while COPE may work for the rest.

Do you favor one approach over the other for your customers? Why?
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