Bradford Networks Sentry Smart Edge Offers NAC APIs for BYOD

Bradford Networks Sentry Smart Edge Offers NAC APIs for BYOD

Bradford Networks has launched its Network Sentry Smart Edge platform, a set of APIs and tools designed to help mobile device management, security and wired and wireless vendors to integrate with Bradford Networks' network access control (NAC) solution, Network Sentry.  The new platform will let these vendors leverage the Bradford Networks Network Sentry core to deliver solutions for bring your own device (BYOD). Here are the details.

The Network Sentry SmartEdge platform provides an open application programmer interface (API) that enables the technologies to talk to and listen to Network Sentry. Bradford Networks said this bi-directional communication helps extend and enhance visibility through customers’ networks and gives customers remediation functionality. Overall, the Network Sentry SmartEdge platform can provide the foundation for an integrated BYOD ecosystem that combines security, mobility, and wireless infrastructure vendor solutions together with NAC. According to the company, managed services providers (MSPs) can gain the following benefits by adopting the Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform:

  • Reduced BYOD Risk -- provide an integrated solution that can be tailored to address customers’ specific BYOD strategies, challenges, and infrastructures;
  • Improved Security -- provide proactive, rapid detection, and isolation of infected, compromised or non-compliant devices from the network;
  • Providing Freedom of Choice -- give customers the flexibility to utilize a wide range of innovative solutions for BYOD, and enable them to maximize their ROI in existing infrastructure;
  • Enhanced Value -- enhance the value of existing vendor solutions by extending visibility and control over any device – whether personally or corporate owned – that attempts to connect to the network.
Bradford Networks CMO Tom Murphy said that the company will continue to eliminate blind spots for security vendors with this product, as well as future products. He added that Bradford Networks, unlike other vendors, preconnects potential risks, assessing risk before it's able to join a network.

"With the explosion of BYOD, companies today are not just looking for visibility into what’s on and what’s accessing their networks, they are now demanding solutions that can take action to preempt and remediate unauthorized access, cyber attacks as well as compromised or non-compliant devices," Murphy said. "The new Network Sentry SmartEdge platform provides a common language for all BYOD ecosystem solution providers, enabling them to create a complete solution for their customers that provides visibility, control and remediation at the edge of the network that ultimately enables secure BYOD."

Current integrations for security, mobility, and wired and wireless infrastructure vendors include: AirWatch, Aerohive, Cisco, Dell, IBM/BigFix,HP TippingPoint, McAfee, MobileIron Palo Alto Networks, RSA, Symantec, Xirrus. According to the company, Network Sentry is used by more than 900 customers, and its ability to detect every network connection and then provision network access based on the risk posture and profile of each unique user and device is what makes it unique. Please visit the Bradford Networks webpage for more information on the company's partner program.
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