BI Goes Mobile: MDM Strategy for 2013 Trends

Mobile access to business intelligence (BI) will become more in demand in 2013, according to Forrester Research, Inc. (NASDAQ:FORR). The company recently released its BI predictions for 2013, and Forrester predicted that BI will continue to grow and that there will be more demand for mobile access to BI tools. How will that impact your mobile device management (MDM) strategy? We'll analyze.

Business intelligence, the tools that enable an organization maintain, collect, organize and make sense of data, and MDM can go hand in hand. Forrester reported that 24 percent of enterprises already use or are piloting mobile BI applications and another 37 percent of enterprises are considering mobile BI for near-term implementations. MSPs can expect a rise in BI applications in 2013.

Workers can no longer wait. Decisions must be made instantly and mobile devices enable workers to make these difficult decisions on the fly -- an interesting statement if you think about it. As BI goes mobile, according to Forrester, "certain robust mobile features will become the norm: multiple visual query methods, leverage of GPS signals for geolocation and geospatial analytics, animated displays, sensor-based queries, and integration with other enterprise mobile ERP applications."

A lot of predictions are being made for 2013. Do your clients plan to implement mobile BI next year? We'll continue to follow BI and how it will affect MDM strategies in the upcoming year.

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