Bell Techlogix, AirWatch Team on Enterprise Mobility, BYOD

Even as Good Technology filed a patent infringement lawsuit against enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider AirWatch yesterday, AirWatch plowed ahead with a new  partnership. Bell Techlogix, an information technology managed services and solutions company, has announced a strategic partnership with AirWatch to facilitate enterprise mobility management and bring your own device (BYOD) solutions.

Through Bell Techlogix's partnership with AirWatch, Bell seeks to provide professional services and planning to aid in the successful implementation of MDM and BYOD. To accomplish this, Bell has trained and committed its staff to managing the AirWatch solution. In addition, Bell Technlogix believes that this partnership will further its mission of helping clients identify IT strategy and policies.

Bell Techlogix Senior Vice President of Client Services Don Imaizumi says the company performs extensive evaluations on potential vendors. "We conducted an extensive evaluation on how to best support our EMM offerings and the AirWatch solution provides many of our current and prospective clients with the features and functionality to address their most complex business requirements at a cost effective price point," says Imaizumi. "This partnership with AirWatch enables Bell to provide our clients with a solution to mitigate the risk associated with protecting valuable company data and ensures best of breed and enterprise level technology and support."

AirWatch also recently pushed its AirWatch Secure Content Locker, a solution for managing and distributing content to corporate mobile devices. Keep up to date with AirWatch news and follow our coverage of the pending lawsuit between Good Technology and AirWatch here: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Lawsuits: MSPs Caught In Middle?

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