Apple iOS Pulls Away From Google Android in Business

Apple iOS Pulls Away From Google Android in Business

Apple iOS (the iPhone and iPad operating system) is opening a "dramatic enterprise lead" over Google Android in the business market, according to new research from Appcelerator and IDC. MSPmentor sees two potential implications for managed services providers (MSPs) that are evaluating mobile device management (MDM) options for smart phones and tablets.

First, the research.

  • 53.2 percent of developers expect iOS to win the battle as an enterprise mobile operating system
  • 37.5 percent of developers expect Android to win the battle.
  • That's a "dramatic" 16 percent lead for Apple.
In stark contrast, iOS and Android were in a "dead heat" back in Q3 2011, with each OS attracting 44 percent responses from developers.

How did Apple gain mind share with developers? Appcelerator and IDC point to multiple factors:
  1. the popularity of the iPad;
  2. frequent reports of Android malware;
  3. enterprise challenges in dealing with potential Android fragmentation.
Ironically, Apple's developer "lead" arrives just as Android device sales seem to be pressuring iPhone sales.

Implications for MSPs

MSPmentor's initial reaction?
  • First, MSPs will still mobile device management (MDM) software or cloud services that support multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, RIM BlackBerry).
  • But second, perhaps iOS will emerge as the "preferred" platform upon which MSPs write mobile applications. I suspect fewer than 5 percent of MSPs are writing mobile apps, but the trend is under way.
I sometimes dismiss survey results. But the Appcelerator-IDC mobile operating system survey involved 3,632 developers.
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