Android Support Now Available for SOTI Pocket Controller

Educating clients on mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) may be something you do as a managed services provider (MSP). Being able to present these concepts to clients in an effective manner, however, it can be a bit difficult at times. As you may know, MDM solutions provider SOTI Inc has developed its Pocket Controller application to assist MSPs with presentations for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. But now SOTI has developed its presentation application for Android devices. Here are the details.

SOTI designed Pocket Controller for Android to provide users with full remote control functionality of their Android devices wirelessly over WiFi or Bluetooth, enabling management of their mobile devices when they are out of reach. With this application, SOTI has given users the ability to remotely view their smaller mobile device’s display on any display connected to a desktop or laptop, such as a projector or HDTV, making it ideal for presentations or demonstrations, according to the company. The file synchronization feature has made it possible for users to backup important photos and videos.

"Pocket Controller has had a large and loyal user base and today we’re pleased to support Android devices with this new version of Pocket Controller," said SOTI President and CEO Carl Rodrigues. "Pocket Controller enables users to sample some of the functionality that is offered in our enterprise products such as MobiControl."

Other features included in the app: the ability to turn the skin on and off, hide the window, rotate the device on the screen, access files from the devices, and copy text from your device to your computer.

SOTI introduced a new version of its MobiControl mobile device management solution back in January designed specifically for educational institutions. The mobility management solution, called MobiControl for Education, was developed for information and learning technology (ILT), remote control for 1:1 student to teacher interaction and learning programs in K-12, and higher education segments.

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