AirWatch, Bradford Networks Combine MDM and NAC

Bradford Networks, a provider of secure network access control (NAC) solutions, has  formed a strategic partnership with mobile device management (MDM) provider AirWatch to offer a solution that provides management and security with mobile devices. Together the companies plan to offer a comprehensive mobile security offering that combines Airwatch's MDM solutions with Bradford Networks' NAC solution. Here are the details.

The companies say the solution that enables enterprises to manage and secure both corporate and employee-owned mobile devices addressing today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security concerns. It does this through a "BYOD Blueprint" that encompasses the following:

  • Network access to wired and wireless devices that meet endpoint requirements
  • Corporate-issued vs. personally-owned wired and wireless devices
  • Correlate employees with the array of owned wired and wireless devices
  • Prevent devices/users from joining a network
  • Identify edge devices that do not have the AirWatch agent installed, which may introduce risk
According to the company, this solution assists IT departments with the recent BYOD trend. AirWatch CEO John Marshall stated that the two companies connected through the "integrity of both our products, our executive relationships and networks." The two companies hope to provide a solution assists enterprises with MDM and security challenges.

For more on AirWatch's partner program, visit the company's website.


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