Aerohive Networks, iPass Partner on Managed WiFi

Provider of WiFi solutions Aerohive Networks has announced a partnership with iPass Inc., (NASDAQ:IPAS),  a provider of managed network services (MNS). The plan calls for iPass Managed Network Services to bundle the Aerohive WiFi technology into a turnkey, managed solution for enterprise customers  and venue owners. Here are the details.

Managed services providers (MSPs) can expect the following from the partnership:

  • The partnership enables iPass to deploy and manage enterprise WLANs without deployment of servers or controllers at every customer location,
  • Aerohive says that MSPs can benefit from this cloud-enabled infrastructure because it creates an ideal environment without extensive back office architectural changes,
  • iPass Managed Network Services (MNS) has integrated Aerohive's technology nto its cloud WiFi solution.
"The Aerohive partnership provides a secure, distributed way to deliver a great user experience in a very economical manner. We are not only seeing growth in the retail sector, but healthcare, insurance and financial services are experiencing similar demand. As a result of this new partnership, iPass is uniquely positioned to meet all of these needs by bringing our technology, expertise and experience to bear for our customers," said Chris Linden, VP & general manager, iPass MNS, in a prepared statement.

To learn more about Aerohive Networks, visit the company's website.
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