Webcast: Hosted Security (July 15)

Time is running out to register for our Wednesday, July 15 Webcast (The VAR Guy Live), which focuses on Hosted Security revenue opportunities and go-to-market strategies for VARs and managed service providers. Here's a quick overview of the event.

Key areas of focus for the webcast will include:

1. Business: Revenue models and potential profit margins from hosted security
2. Technology: How to select a hosted security solution
3. Sales: How to sell your first customer and address their questions head-on
4. Retention: How to maintain and grow a hosted security business
5. Case study: Yes, a real VAR describing his hosted security strategy

Speakers Include:

- The VAR View: Tom Ruffolo, president, eSecurityToGo
- The Vendor View: Perspectives from Trend Micro's TJ Alldridge
- Moderating: Joe Panettieri (that's me)

Please note that Trend Micro is sponsoring the webcast.

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