Viral Video Marketing Tips for MSPs

masterIT, an MSPmentor 100 company, continues to develop some pretty impressive viral marketing messages to generate new business. The latest effort involves email marketing coupled with a quick video clip. Take a look, and here are some quick tips to help you master video marketing as well.

First, a little background: The video features J. Michael Drake, CEO of masterIT. I spotted the video in a marketing-oriented email from masterIT earlier today. But you can also view the video right here:

A few key takeaways for peer MSPs:

1. Drake doesn't dress down. He looks more like a financial and business leader than a break-fix repair guy. And that's exactly the point. If you're running an MSP you need to look the part.

2. Drake is on message. Instead of rambling for 10 minutes and throwing around big technical terms, he simplifies the message so that business owners might say "tell me more." Yes, Drake offers up a few tech terms ("hardware as a service") but he loops the message back to business issues like budgeting, staffing and predictable costs.

3. masterIT's brand is clearly represented. Drake and his team have worked hard on branding and positioning, and it shows.

4. Video is forever: This week, masterIT is marketing the video through email. But there will also be a Long Tail impact from the video. It will live forever on YouTube, generating a few views here and there each month. That's free, perpetual advertising involving viewers who obviously are interested in the topic.

With point 4 in mind please ask yourself: Why don't you have a video strategy yet? Don't spend thousands of dollars. Instead, pick up a Cisco Flip camera ($150 to $200), a tripod ($20) and start playing with iMovie (free with Apple's Macintoshes).

I know: You personally don't have time to learn movie editing software. But somewhere in your neighborhood there lurks a college kid with video expertise who's looking for an internship...

You'll produce some really bad video at first. But practice makes perfect.

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