Top 100 Managed Service Providers: Revenue Trends

We've put the final polish on the MSPmentor 100 report -- which tracks the world's top managed service providers. We'll unveil the free report on February 11. In the meantime, here are some key financial and growth trends for the world's top 100 MSPs.

Here are some key trends:

  • 33 of the MSPmentor 100 members generated at least $5 million in annual recurring revenue
  • 20 of the companies are based outside the United States
  • 18 of the companies manage 10,000 or more customer devices
  • Total managed services revenue for all of the MSPmentor 100 companies was $799 million in 2008, up 46% from 2007.
As a reminder: We'll unveil the MSPmentor 100 list and report on February 11 during a Webcast. Two of the world's top MSPs will join us for the event, giving us a look at their business performance and answering your questions. Nimsoft CEO Gary Read will also join us to offer some secrets to success he's culled from Nimsoft customers. The Webcast is sponsored by Nimsoft -- though the actual MSPmentor 100 is an un-sponsored list based on our independent research.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

As a reminder, the MSPmentor 100 report is NOT a ranking of MSPs based on size. Some very large MSPs did not land on the list, and some smaller MSPs made surprisingly strong showings on the list.

Here's why: The MSPmentor 100 uses a range of metrics to identify small, midsize and large MSPs that are setting the pace in the managed services market. The variables include:
  • Annual managed services ("recurring") revenue
  • Annual managed services revenue growth (in dollars)
  • Annual managed services revenue growth (percentage growth -- obviously, this is where smaller MSPs often beat their large rivals in our rankings)
  • Percent of total revenues from managed services
  • Devices managed (pure numbers, 2008 vs. 2007)
  • Devices managed (percentage growth, 2008 vs. 2007)
  • And several other variables.
The MSPmentor 100 report is based on an online survey, which we conducted from October 2008 to December 2008.

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