Tigerpaw User Conference: Second Year, New Moves for MSPs?

Tigerpaw User Conference: Second Year, New Moves for MSPs?

Starting today, several hundred VARs, MSPs and telecom resellers are attending this week's Tigerpaw User Conference in Dallas. The big question: Can this second-annual Tigerpaw conference build upon last year's event, which pumped some fresh ideas into the managed services and telecom reseller markets?

In some ways, I think Tigerpaw benefitted during the 2010 event because attendees --- customers, partners, sponsors, media -- didn't really know what to expect. At the time, Tigerpaw was transitioning day-to-day executive management to President James Foxall, part of a close knit family that built the company. Software partners, particularly RMM (remote monitoring and management) software providers, had never really plugged into the Tigerpaw community before. The outcome: Most folks who attended the 2010 conference were surprised by the event's quality and Tigerpaw's unique audience of customers and partners.

Sometimes the media -- MSPmentor included -- is guilty of lumping multiple companies (Tigerpaw, ConnectWise and Autotask) into a single market (professional services automation software). Yes, those three companies compete in many sectors. But each company also has some unique qualities.

In Tigerpaw's case, Foxall has previously described a strategy to help VARs, MSPs and telco resellers learn from each other. Admittedly, voice and IP converging isn't a new trend. But Tigerpaw is the rare company with a big community of partners and customers that spans the traditional telecom market as well as the VAR/MSP market.

So what should we expect to see at Tigerpaw User Conference 2011? Back in July, Foxall told MSPmentor that Tigerpaw was working on a new telecom initiative to hep the company's 1,400+ voice partners move into the data space. I suspect we'll get more cluse this week. Also, attendees should expect to hear more about Tigerpaw 11R2 -- a software platform that debuted in mid-2011. That release included some new billing capabilities to help MSPs more effectively manage recurring revenues.

We'll also be checking out Tigerpaw's overall software strategy. So far, Tigerpaw has maintained an on-premise software focus. But we're curious to learn if Foxall has any updated thoughts on a potential hosted our cloud version of Tigerpaw. MSPmentor Contributing Blogger Nicholas Mukhar will be reporting live from Tigerpaw User Conference over the next two days.


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