Tigerpaw User Conference: Five Questions Worth Asking

Tigerpaw User Conference: Five Questions Worth Asking

As Tigerpaw Software prepares to host its first user conference (Oct. 6-8, Dallas), MSPmentor is poking around the Tigerpaw community to see what key questions VARs and MSPs have for the PSA (professional services automation) software provider. Plus, we've compiled a few questions of our own. Once the conference kicks off, here are five key questions MSPmentor intends to discuss with Tigerpaw President James Foxall.

1. What Makes Tigerpaw Unique?: The PSA market certainly has intense rivalries (Autotask, ConnectWise, Tigerpaw). Plus some MSPs leverage a mix of CRM and financial applications in addition to traditional PSA options. What ultimately makes Tigerpaw unique within such a hotly contested market?

2. Growing Engagements?: Tigerpaw is launching some community efforts -- at the conference and online. But how, ultimately, will Tigerpaw continue to engage, nurture and grow its community without looking like a "me too" in the market? Also, what steps will Foxall take to ensure multiple Tigerpaw executive team members step into the spotlight and engage the community?

3. Care About the Cloud?: Tigerpaw makes its living with on-premises software. Does Foxall see a need or an opportunity to develop some SaaS-oriented solutions? Or will Tigerpaw continue to focus the bulk of its resources on-premises?

4. The Telecom Connection: Tigerpaw apparently has a strong following within the telecom world. At least one MSP industry executive tells me it would be wise for Tigerpaw to leverage that telecom heritage and promote the Tigerpaw platform into VARs and MSPs that are focused on unified computing, VoIP and IP services that are disrupting traditional telecom offerings. I'll be checking with Tigerpaw to see if such a focus sounds logical.

5. Time for Tigerpaw 11?: The new Tigerpaw 11 release apparently will debut at the conference. I must concede: I'm not familiar with the release's design goals or key priorities. But I intend to learn quite a bit about them during the conference.

If you've got questions for Tigerpaw don't be shy. Either post a comment or send me an email (joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com) and I'll try to get the questions answered.

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