Tigerpaw Launching Mobile, Cloud Solutions for VARs and MSPs

Tigerpaw Launching Mobile, Cloud Solutions for VARs and MSPs

Tigerpaw LogoTigerpaw Software is set to launch  mobile and cloud solutions for VARs and MSPs, President James Foxall told partners and customers during the 2011 Tigerpaw User Conference yesterday. MSPmentor speculated earlier this week that we may hear some sort of hosted or cloud announcement from Tigerpaw. Foxall said he expects newer Tigerpaw customers to be the first adopters of the company's cloud solution.

Foxall also announced a new Tigerpaw API that will hit the market within the next two weeks. "We are committed to providing resources through this API," Foxall said. "We want to do Tigerpaw billing and run backup through this API. It's going to become a living thing."

Tigerpaw develops PSA (professional services automation) and CRM (customer relationship management) software that VARs, MSPs and telecom resellers use to manage their businesses. Tigerpaw's software was designed for on-premise use but it sounds like a cloud version is coming in 2012. Tigerpaw competes on some fronts with ConnectWise and Autotask. APIs (application programming interfaces) have been a hot topic in the PSA market, with each vendor vowing to maintain open APIs for third-party integrations.

Predictable Release Cycles

Foxall made clear that Tigerpaw had been listening to client feedback on Tigerpaw 11R2, which launched in mid-2011. Customers have been asking for more integration capabilities. So Tigerpaw has bolstered its LiveBridge effort, through which customers can integrate new solutions in real-time at no additional cost. Foxall also said customers can now expect two releases a year -- one in February and one in August -- so that they can anticipate and prepare for them.

Finally, the company is ready to release Tigerpaw 11R3 in December 2011. Here's a list of the new features it will include.
  • APEX data import featuring 61 email templates and 24 work-flows
  • New Homepage
  • New dispatch board
  • New knowledge base that integrates with portals
  • parent/child merging of service orders through which the "parent" controller can make a service order change and have that change reflect on all the 'child" devices
  • Field-level granularity on work-flows
All of the above changes and additions to Tigerpaw's service were made to address what Foxall called the "top three priorities for Tigerpaw clients" -- support, conversion and new features.

And what about those mobile and cloud solutions for Tigerpaw customers? We're gathering more information now at the Tigerpaw User Conference

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