Social Media Targets Offline Users; So Should You

When it comes to social media: Take a step back from your computer, tablet and smart phone. Take a look at the world around you. Your offline customers want to be closer to your brand, relying on your brand for entertainment, information, and customer service; you just don't realize it.

Provide incentives offline -- What type of business is your brand? Is it a local IT consulting firm? If your brand has a physical presence, use it to your advantage.

Let your customers know that you're available online through social media by advertising your social media channels at your place of business. Place signs in your windows, run contests, and provide other incentives for your customers. Don't separate your online and offline presence.

Bring the conversation online -- Insist that your customers engage your brand through your social media networks. In addition to providing your customers with an email address or a phone number, provide your Twitter handle for customer service inquiries.  Make sure your team monitors Twitter for customer inquiries -- much in the way your team monitors your help desk phone lines and trouble tickets. Provide your offline customers with step-by-step instructions to connect with your brand on Twitter for any questions they may have.

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