Social Media Marketing 101: Document Your Results

Finally, you're seeing success through your social media marketing channels such as Facebook or Twitter from your most recent marketing campaign. Your brand's engagement is increasing, customers are receiving answers to their questions immediately, and the company's total reach is expanding. Since you are the social media expert in your company and understand the importance of these landmarks, it is your job to explain and prove their value to the company by revealing your campaign results.

Results of your campaigns can be recorded easily using Microsoft Excel. Sure, there are many programs out there that can assist you with your campaign results, but you should stick to what you know best. Record the numbers for Facebook or Twitter before your campaign to establish a baseline for your critics. After your campaign ends, document your new social media marketing numbers.

What you choose to record is up to you. Which measurement do you think your boss will care most about? How many different ways can you measure your campaign? These questions are best answered by you, since you should know what your boss is most interested in.

Don't forget: You must explain your results in layman's terms. Your boss may not understand how social media marketing works. More business talk, less social media lingo. Explain what an increase of engagement means, how the company has improved its customer service, and why a larger reach is important to the overall brand.

Don't be afraid to record failure, it will happen. Recording failure is important to produce successful results in the future. It's important to know what works for your company and what doesn't.

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