Social Media Lessons: Using the Twitter @Reply

Start a conversation on Twitter by replying to your followers. Don't ignore them. Would you ignore a client's phone call, email, or in-person visit? Of course you wouldn't. Replying to your followers will take less time out of your day than you may think. Log into your Twitter account, follow our simple tips below, and learn from Long View Systems---an MSPmentor 100 company.

Here's what you should watch out for as you master the Twitter @reply.

Open the Conversation
Follow hashtag (words that have the # sign in front of them). These represent a categorized conversation in your industry and here's a quick review of how to use them the right way. Conversations are created on Twitter by replying and mentioning users. Through these actions and reactions, users communicate publicly with each other, which opens the conversation to others.

What is an @reply?
Replying is responding to a Twitter user's tweet. You can @reply to any status update; the tweet does not need to be directed at your account. But, how can you @reply?

To @reply to a tweet, simply click the reply button attached to a tweet in your feed. An @reply symbol will appear with the username you are replying to specifically, and you'll be able to tweet your response. If you want to direct a tweet to a specific user, without the user initiating the conversation, put that user's @name in the tweet.

What is a mention?
An @reply is technically considered to be a mention, however, its primary use is to respond to a tweet. A mention, according to Twitter, is "any Twitter update that contains "@username" anywhere in the body of the tweet."  To mention a user in your tweet, use the "@" symbol before the username, and the user will receive an update through the @Connect tab.

Mentions can be viewed through your @Connect tab. To view your mentions, click the @Connect tab at the top, and select Mentions on the left side of your page.

What can MSPs learn from Long View Systems?
Managed services provider Long View Systems is not an MSP that should give up on social media marketing (SMM). This MSP directly engages followers on Twitter by replying to its followers. Take a look at the conversation below to understand the true value of replying to mentions:

DaVE (James Charter) ‏@DavesRant
Enjoying #vce executive briefing with clients hearing from Frank Hauck and a @LongViewSystems client success story

Long View Systems ‏@LongViewSystems
@DavesRant glad you enjoyed it! What were some of the IT Transformation highlights that resonated?
Not only did Long View Systems reply to the user's tweet, but they also invoked more conversation by replying with a question. Always look for ways to enhance the conversation. Show your followers that you're interested in their opinions by using this simple example.
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