Social Media Credibility: April Fools' Day

Social Media Credibility: April Fools' Day

rsz_aprilfoolsDon't be fooled by your Facebook friends today. Many of them will try to deceive you with their engagement or pregnancy announcements, expecting you to waste your valuable time by sending them a congratulatory message. Many of you will fall victim to their pranks, while the rest will laugh it off, realizing that today is April Fools' Day. Any other day, however, we'd believe those announcements to be true, correct? Do your customers believe what you post to be factual or do they dismiss your updates as rhetoric? We'll reveal how managed services providers (MSPs) can establish credibility with their Facebook followers.

Take a step back from your marketing message and publish quality content for your customers. A relationship requires trust from both parties involved. Establish trust between you and your followers by becoming a resource.

Once you've gained the trust of your followers, credibility follows suit. Your credibility is everything. Use examples, present data, and cite useful content from other sources -- don't be one-sided. If you become a credible source for your customers, they'll share  your insightful, useful content with other potential customers, expanding your reach. Establish connections.

We live in world with limited credibility and accountability. Think about it. With the Internet, any individual can create a blog and develop content, feeding it through various search engine. What makes one blog better than another blog is trust, originality, and producing relevant content to your reader base. Perception is everything. Trust the needs of your customers, and they'll trust your content in return.

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