SMM: Access Denied or Access Granted?

As a managed services provider, should you limit the management of your social media accounts to a single employee? Or should most of your employees have access your accounts? You should limit the number of employees who control your accounts, however, you should not place a single person in charge. Here's why.

While you may only have enough money in your budget to pay one full-time employee to manage your accounts, you should also train other employees to handle the basic tasks with each of your accounts. What would happen if the sole manager your accounts were to call in sick or go on vacation? Would your company's social media marketing plan be destroyed? More than likely, no, but why take the chance? The following are tips prepare for your manager's absence:

  • Prepare guidelines -- Have your social media manager prepare guidelines for other employees to follow. These guides should be, honestly, idiot proof.
  • Gather passwords -- Do you have the account information for each of your accounts? If not, you should. Gather account information and have it in a place that each of your managers have access to it.
  • Appoint backup managers -- Appoint backup managers and do so as soon as possible. Employees do not have to have prior experience with social media marketing.
Start implementing these tips today so you'll be ready. Don't wait around for a disaster to happen.
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