The Secret to Managed Services Sales: Found In Orlando?

The Secret to Managed Services Sales: Found In Orlando?

Another micro meeting for MSPs it set to take place next month at the ConnectWise IT Nation conference in Orlando, Fla. Specifically, TruMethods -- the consulting firm that assists MSPs with sales development -- plans to host a members-only event for roughly 40 MSPs on November 4. Here are the details, plus a broader look at how ConnectWise IT Nation is shaping up.

As you may recall, the ConnectWise IT Nation (formerly ConnectWise Partner Summit) conference is set for Nov. 4-6 in Orlando. But several satellite events -- including the TruMethods gathering -- have also popped up.

Sneak Peek

According to CTO Bob Penland, TruMethods will use the Nov. 4 meeting to "get into more detail with our members around building a sales engine, role-play sales scenarios and do what we call “Sales Meeting Live” -- where we review the pipeline from a few volunteers and give them direction on how to close their business." In total, TruMethods expects to have roughly 60 MSP members at IT Nation 2010, Penland estimates, and roughly 40 will attend the closed-door gathering. Also at the gathering, TruMethods is expected to announce a new service.

Asserts Penland:
"We’re known for our sales content and training but we’ve made great strides over the last 12 months in helping our members with on-boarding, service delivery and operations. In 2011 we’re taking this a step further and we’re going to provide our members tools and a framework for service delivery success. Again, I can’t share the details just yet but our goal is to have the TruMethods brand be synonymous with operations excellence, much as it is with sales."
Based on that paragraph above -- particularly that service delivery nugget -- I wonder if TruMethods is pursuing a closer relationship with ConnectWise for 2011. (That's pure speculation on my part, by the way.)

Over the past year or so, TruMethods has emerged as one of the better-known sales-driven consulting firms assisting MSPs. One reason why: President and CEO Gary Pica has a personal track record of success in the MSP market. (Please note: I'm not endorsing Pica nor would I know a good MSP consultant from a bad one; folks, I'm a blogger...)

Balancing Act

More than 1,000 MSPs and IT service providers are expected to attend ConnectWise IT Nation. Not by coincidence, ConnectWise Capital investment companies CharTec and LabTech Software both are hosting conferences in coordination with the broader IT Nation event. On the one hand, it's a smart strategy because ConnectWise, CharTec and LabTech Software can potentially cross-sell to an educated MSP audience. But on the downside, ConnectWise has to be extra careful, ensuring that the IT Nation conference doesn't alienate LabTech rivals like N-able, Level Platforms, Kaseya and Zenith Infotech, among others.

In some cases, the spirit of coopetition (competition and cooperation) seems healthy. A case in point: Level Platforms may compete with LabTech on some fronts, but Level will host a gathering of roughly 100 MSPs in conjunction with the IT Nation conference. Not to be forgotten, HTG Peer Groups will host its annual meeting in coordination with IT Nation.

MSPmentor will be covering IT Nation and the associated conferences the week of Nov. 1 in Orlando.

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