Scorpion Software Plugs Into Kaseya 2: Start of a Trend?

Scorpion Software Plugs Into Kaseya 2: Start of a Trend?

Scorpion Software is one of the first software developers to plug into the Kaseya 2 platform. I'm intrigued for a couple of reasons. First, Scorpion develops authentication and identity assurance software -- an emerging opportunity for MSPs. Second, Kaseys is quietly speaking with a range of ISVs (folks like Symantec, MSPintegrations and Spam Soap) about additional plug-ins for Kaseya 2. Is this the start of a larger trend? Here's my best guess.

Dana Epp, CEO, Scorpion Software, hosted a session today at the Kaseya Connect User Conference in Las Vegas. In fact, the session continues now. Epp pointed out that the Kaseya API -- plus standard web services, the SQL database and .Net framework -- makes it relatively easy to integrate into Kaseya 2. "We support tons of RMM tools but Kaseya is the only one we developed deep integration to," said Epp.

Epp also politely pointed out that his application provides two-factor authentication. As you may recall, MSPmentor in January 2010 questioned whether small business MSPs would ever promote two-factor authentication. Epp has since educated me a bit, showing that Scorpion Software is already succeeding in that market.

There are some bigger themes to consider here as well. For starters, Kaseya plans to leverage Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus software as K2's standard anti-virus platform. But there's lots of chatter here at the conference involving a lengthy list of security companies that also plan to plug into K2.

Also, a key question: What sits at the middle of the managed services market -- RMM platforms like Kaseya 2 or PSA (Professional Services Automation) software like ConnectWise and Autotask? Check the ConnectWise web site and you'll find documentation stating that more than 300 partners connect into the ConnectWise PSA platform.

it's clear Kaseya wants to build a similar ISV ecosystem with K2.

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