Nimsoft User Conference: Still Scheduled for New Orleans

The City of New Orleans, largely spared by Hurricane Gustav, could reopen to residents as soon as September 4. And a few weeks later, the city is still expected to host a major customer event for Nimsoft, one of the fastest-growing companies in the managed services market.

I checked in with Nimsoft over the U.S. holiday weekend to see how they were monitoring the situation in New Orleans, and a spokeswoman sent me this email reply on August 2:

"Just like most of the country, we're happy to see that the storm lacked the punch that the weather people originally predicted. Our events person checked with the hotel, which had a skeleton staff over the weekend. The hotel and the French Quarter never lost electrical power. I'm sure the city will have plenty of street clean up in the next few weeks, but just as it is looking good for the people of New Orleans, it is looking good for our conference."
Nimsoft's n-fluence conference is scheduled for October 6-10 in New Orleans.

Nimsoft and several other MSP-focused companies recently landed on the Inc. 5000, which ranks the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States.
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