Nimsoft Prepares SaaS Pitch for CAWorld

Nimsoft Prepares SaaS Pitch for CAWorld

When CAWorld kicks off May 16 in Las Vegas, Nimsoft Founder Gary Read will be on hand to make a SaaS pitch to enterprise IT managers and MSPs. Read's goal: Setting up and demonstrating a SaaS-based managed services system in 30 minutes or less. For CA and Nimsoft alike, the conference represents a critical inflection point. Here's why.

For many reasons, CA remains a company in transition. The IT management specialist has been buying up small software companies in recent months. The goal: Penetrate markets that CA hasn't been able to target on its own. That's why CA acquired Nimsoft in March 2010 for $350 million -- or roughly 10 times revenues.

Shortly after the deal, Nimsoft expanded beyond its on-premises heritage and launched Nimsoft On Demand -- a SaaS platform for so-called emerging enterprises and MSPs. Nimsoft has publicly stated that its SaaS platform matches the power of its on-premises alternative.

Now, Nimsoft Founder Gary Read is preparing to share a bit more details during the CAWorld conference. In his personal blog, Read says:

"We are hoping to demonstrate in real time the entire process of going from zero to having a monitored environment in 30 minutes or less (still working on logistical issues though). I told the team that anything less than Steve Jobs/iPad impact would be failure….LOL, maybe I set the bar a little high."
On the one hand, SaaS-centric MSP platforms are nothing new. But on the other hand, Read has the rare opportunity to demonstrate Nimsoft's platform in front of thousands of CAWorld attendees. Those attendees, in turn, will ultimately determine if CA made a wise investment in Nimsoft.

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