MSPtweet: The Loudest Tweets In Managed Services

MSPtweet: The Loudest Tweets In Managed Services

msptweetAs you may have noticed, MSPmentor has a new sister site: MSPtweet. But what exactly is MSPtweet and how does it serve managed services providers (MSPs) and the global managed services ecosystem? Here are some preliminary answers.

First, let me be clear: MSPtweet and VARtweet (a close cousin) are online but in beta mode for 2009. We expect to make several changes/enhancements before officially "launching" the sites to readers and sponsors in early 2010. But the missions are fully baked.

  • MSPtweet offers readers the loudest tweets in the managed services industry. The microblog site allows established and aspiring MSPs to follow multiple managed services conversations -- quickly and easily  -- from a single dashboard. Readers can view vendor and expert updates and communications directly, without a media company filtering or interpreting the messages.
  • VARtweet (spun off from The VAR Guy) is cut from the same cloth as MSPtweet but serves a slightly different audience. VARtweet allows channel chiefs and IT channel leaders to interact directly with Nine Lives Media Inc.'s growing channel readership.
What should we add to MSPtweet and VARtweet? We've already received some great suggestions that we plan to implement in December 2009. Our developers are standing by for more thoughts. Feel free to send me email (joe [at] to offer up more feedback.

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