MSPs: Steal An Iconic Idea From Geek Squad

MSPs: Steal An Iconic Idea From Geek Squad

geek-squadI spent early this morning configuring an HP netbook for a relative. It was purchased from Best Buy. Setting up the system was a terrible user experience (that's a blog for another time). But I did notice a rather interesting web browser icon on the netbook's Windows XP desktop. The icon was for 24x7 Geek Squad support. It got me thinking: Are managed services providers (MSPs) putting 24x7 support icons on their customers' desktops? Should you?

No doubt, some MSPs are worried about losing customer control to large IT vendors, cable companies, broadband providers and large retailers. You only have so many hours in the day to "stay in front" of your customers.

So how can you get more face time -- and mind share?

Perhaps it's an icon that you place on all of your customers' desktops and notebooks. When the customer double-clicks on your iconic logo, up pops a web browser with a 24x7 support window. Plus, the browser displays your company's latest offerings and news.

I know this is a pretty basic idea. Lots of white box PC resellers already have icon real estate on their customers' desktops and notebooks. Are MSPs following suit? Should they? Or will the subtle move trigger more help desk requests and kill your margins?

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