MSPs: Give A Little Bit Through Twitter

Every week MSPmentor provides you with free social media tips for improving your brand's outreach through social media channels. Our assistance is free. We don't ask for donations, and we don't charge for our services. We do, however, ask that you give a little something back to the community.

Your brand makes money for the services it provides. Show your customers that your brand isn't always worried about money by providing your them with tips through your Twitter account. Take a hard look at the activity your brand's Twitter account is receiving. Is your brand receiving any activity? Does your brand have an audience, or is your brand speaking to a wall?

Provide your customers with an incentive to engage with your brand on Twitter. Twitter is not a platform for your brand to bombard its followers with press releases. It is a channel to engage with customers.

Show your customers that your brand cares. Ask your customers what they need from your solutions. Assist by tweeting tips and tricks on your brand's Twitter account. Your customers pay for your service already, so give back, and tweet to build a relationship.

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