MSPs Discuss Merger and Acquisition Strategies

MSPs Discuss Merger and Acquisition Strategies

How can managed services providers formulate merger and acquisition strategies? We'll find some answers during our next MSPmentor Live webcast, scheduled for February 10. Two CEOs representing top MSPs will discuss their M&A objectives during the webcast. Plus, we'll unveil the third-annual MSPmentor 100 list during the discussion. Here's what else we'll cover.

In addition to the M&A points and the MSPmentor 100, we'll discuss:

  • Advertising and marketing techniques used by MSPmentor 100 companies
  • Key technology investments -- and key markets that MSPs decided to abandon
  • Strategies to raise prices. Yes, raise prices
  • When you should build a sales team -- and when you shouldn't
  • Practical ways to track all of your customer engagements
The conversation will feature CEOs representing two of the world's top 100 MSPs. Plus, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini weighing in with perspectives. Please note: ConnectWise is sponsoring the webcast, but the MSPmentor research and results are not sponsored.

Want to see the entire MSPmentor 100 list while gaining practical business tips? Please join us February 10 for the MSPmentor Live webcast. Thanks to those who participated in the third-annual survey, conducted in Q4 2009.
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