masterIT Provides Education Amid Gulf Coast Disasters

Talk about timely, on-point messaging. MasterIT, one of our MSPmentor 100 companies, is hosting a "non-technical" symposium October 30 at the FedEx Institute of Technology in Memphis, Tenn.

The timing and positioning of this event offer five key lessons to rival managed service providers. Here they are:

1. Be Tasteful: Instead of trying to cash in on the misery and destruction tied to recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, masterIT has thoughtfully positioned this event as an education session that will give attendees "a disaster preparedness checklist."

2. Be Timely, Think Local: Contingency planning is a the hot topic across the Gulf Coast. While many MSPs worry about the broader US economy, masterIT is focusing on a key issue right in the company's own back yard.

3. Be Partner-Centric: Instead of  promoting its own agenda, masterIT is partnering up with well-respected names within and outside of the IT industry. All of the speaker messages are designed to reinforce one another -- but they will be delivered from markedly different companies and organizations.

During the event, a range of guest speakers -- representing masterIT, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, CB Richard Ellis, the American Red Cross, and EVault -- will describe how businesses can protect their people and assets during a natural disaster.

4. Be Educational: Attendees will surely respect masterIT for providing valuable guidance rather than product pitches.

5. Be Organized: We've all seen last-minute events thrown together. They're typically horrible. This face-to-face education session is a full six-weeks away. Invitations are signed, sealed and delivered.

Any other keys to hosting a successful local event?

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