Marketing 101: Managed Services for Healthcare

If you want to promote your managed service into a vertical market, steal a page from Third Brigade's playbook. The company, which offers security solutions to managed service providers, is making some PR noise at this week's huge HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Orlando.

Third Brigade says it is partnering with Concordant, Inc., to offer Electronic Health Records (EHR) infrastructures for physician organizations and ambulatory practices.

The bigger message for MSPs, however, is that you can generate considerable PR noise in specific vertical markets. The trick is to latch onto major industry events -- even if you don't have the budget or trade show resources to actually attend the event. Here's how.

Consider the situation with HIMSS. Healthcare and technology reporters are scanning the news and PR wires this week, looking for news and trends from the HIMSS event, which runs through February 28. Third Brigade is riding that wave.

Your company could, too. For little or no cost, MSPs could be...

  1. Issuing press releases about their recent healthcare industry wins and related expertise
  2. Launching IT blogs that focus on the healthcare vertical (or another vertical)
  3. Writing positioning statements and marketing materials that explain how your managed services help healthcare providers comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and other privacy mandates
If you're an MSP with a blog and some healthcare background, this is the perfect week to offer up your expertise to readers. And be sure to mention the HIMSS event in your blog entry, which will raise your visibility as journalists and peer bloggers use search engines to read this week's coverage of the event.
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