Marketing 101: Brag About MSP Milestones

Marketing 101: Brag About MSP Milestones

marketing_101Here's a smart move involving Architel, a managed services provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Architel says more than 10,000 users now depend on the company's outsourced IT support services. Question: When was the last time you took a moment to brag (responsibly) about customer trust and company growth?

I frequently hear from managed services providers who say they are seeking to develop PR and marketing strategies, but they thinl they don't have any news to share. Frankly, I think all MSPs have news to share... including:

  • New hires and executive promotions
  • New services announcements
  • New customer wins
  • Business milestones -- such as revenue milestones if you're willing to disclose them.
Architel does a solid job telling the world about the company's expansion plans and business milestones. More MSPs should emulate Architel's marketing and PR strategies. Just be careful to (A) make responsible claims and (B) back the claims up with business facts.
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