Managed Print Services: It's All About Trust

At the Managed Print Services Conference in Orlando, Fla., this week, Photizo Group CEO and Founder Edward Crowley and Auxilio CEO Joseph Flynn shared a familiar recipe for successful customer engagements: Dedication and trust, with a heaping tablespoon of education. Those seem to be the ongoing themes here, and the keynote was replete with ideas on how MSPs and VARs could start tackling managed print services (MPS) But wait, there's more...

Edward Crowley's key points: A successful MPS provider will interact with the customer, and understand the customer in a meaningful way. In Crowley's opinion, when interaction and understanding are in place, that's when you're doing a "good job."

Meanwhile Flynn said success at Auxilio, a leading managed print services provider in the health care market, is defined by three key items:

  • Earning Trust
  • Creating Success
  • Believing in Self and Your Product
Flynn praised Google as a paradigm of this trust model, quoting CEO Larry Page's famous statement that Google operates entirely on the trust of their users. Flynn said that the MPS model needed needed to build and start on trust while emerging beyond "boxes and machines." Again, Flynn offered what seemed like common sense, saying that creative solutions built around spending time with customers were the real secret to a winning relationship. Articulating to customers what exactly MPS is and what it can do for them is paramount. Believing in yourself and selling yourself as a tried, true and trusted arbiter of all things MPS will propel you far, he added.

Without referring to his own company, Flynn said that all too often MPS engagements across the industry involve unfriendly and impersonal relationships. Flynn said those impersonal service providers check in once a year with their customers to see how they're doing. Flynn boasted that Auxilio checks in every quarter, without fail, and reviews goals with their customers. Making a regular and frequent connection is key.

To assist the managed print industry as a whole, the MPS conference sessions have heavily focused on delivering a clearer managed print services definition to MSPs. Those MSPs, in turn, will be able to more clearly articulate the value of managed print to end-customers.

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