Level Platforms Set to Rally 100 MSPs At ConnectWise Partner Summit

Level Platforms Set to Rally 100 MSPs At ConnectWise Partner Summit

Level Platforms plans to use the ConnectWise IT Nation conference (formerly ConnectWise Partner Summit) as a magnet to rally more than 100 managed services providers. Here's some background on Level Platforms' plan, which includes the imminent launch of Managed Workplace 2011.

According to Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford, Level Platforms will use the ConnectWise conference to bring together more than 100 partners on November 4. During the gathering, Level Platforms will promote Managed Workplace 2011 features such as:

  • Management of roaming devices and automation
  • Enhanced asset discovery
The Level Platforms-led meeting will include MSP presentations along with updates from Intel and Hewlett-Packard, among other planned content, Sandiford says.

Also at the event, Level Platforms will reinforce its integration with ConnectWise's PSA platform, introducing a new ConnectWise Edition, "simplifying the entire process so that ConnectWise partners can benefit from all the work CW and we have done in this area out-of-the-box," Sandiford says.

Bigger Picture

More than 1,000 MSPs and managed services industry leaders are expected to attend ConnectWise IT Nation. In recent months, ConnectWise has tried to maintain a careful balancing act -- promoting ConnectWise Capital investments like Labtech Software and CharTec while maintaining relationships with third-party RMM providers like Level Platforms, N-able and Zenith Infotech. Both CharTec and LabTech will also host gatherings on November 4 in coordination with IT Nation.

MSPmentor will be on hand to cover as much of the conference chatter as possible. Plus, we'll be sure to swing by the HTG Peer Group meetings, also scheduled for that week in Orlando, Fla.

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